Recommended Plumbers

dRAINS kLEEN 10/10

Looking for a professional, reliable and recommended plumber, then look no further!

At dRAINS kLEEN, our plumbers come highly recommended, not only for their expertise, but also their personality and willingness to work effectively and efficiently to get the job done.

Our team are perfectionists, using high levels of communication from the first phone call. This helps us to understand your specific plumbing needs, so our plumbers can provide long term plumbing solutions. 

Receiving 10 out of 10 ratings on a daily basis, means we are ‘Getting it Right’. So we can confidently say our team is ‘Doing a Great Job’ both in the office, and in the field.

Yes, we are getting great ratings, but, that does not mean we stop trying..

It means we continue to try harder, learn new things, develop new strategies and invest in new technology… Because, we believe, we can always be better than we were yesterday.

As the years go by, we will GROW, because ‘We Care’. We care about our family, our colleges and our customers. So we will go on being ‘The Recommended Plumbers’ a household name.

dRAINS kLEEN: Licensed and professional plumbers, A Team, that ‘You Know’ you can count on.

Thank you for your support.