$99 Blocked Drain Cleaning

$99 Blocked Drain Cleaning


“$99 Blocked Drain Cleaning” Have you seen these marketing campaigns?

BEWARE! These ad campaigns may not be what they seem.

Don’t be fooled; And Please Read the fine print.

$99 Blocked Drain Cleaning : These low cost offers suck you in, before you know it, you’re paying more than you bargained for.

Some offers stipulate, that the blockage must be cleared in the first 15 min. Generally do not include drain cleaning machines or CCTV inspection cameras.

These offers are unrealistic and customers are being blind-sided. Not only is it almost impossible to achieve any real results in that time frame, the companies offering these deal know that.

But, once they are in your home, you are probably not going to turn them away. That is when they hit you with the real fees. A charge for ‘this’ and if you want ‘that’ well that is going to be an ‘extra’. Would have been nice if they had disclosed those prices earlier. You are gutted, but, you feel it is too late because they are already in your home.

Not Your Average Plumber

dRAINS kLEEN are NOT your average plumber, with a drain cleaning machine and a camera. dRAINS kLEEN does not offer specials, just to get your attention, and then hit you with a big bill.

Unlike some other businesses out there, dRAINS kLEEN is a business built on honesty and integrity. We disclose our full rates and offer a complete service. Licensed plumbers who have specialised in drain cleaning and CCTV drain inspections, so we can confidently say we ‘know’ plumbing & drains.

CCTV drain inspections ensure we leave our customers satisfied. Instead of a quick fix, we do the job properly, meaning you spend less money in the long run.

Good Plumbers

At the end of the day…like us: Many good plumbers out there. Plumbers with great reputations, each especially good at one thing or another.  Whomever you call, please.. just make sure you do NOT fall for a marketing ploy with hidden fees.