CCTV Pipe Inspection / Drain Surveys

Drain Surveys for Civil / Industrial Drainage

Detailed Drain surveys with

WinCanV8 Reporting

Crawler camera for CCTV pipe surveys
dRAINS kLEEN do cctv drain surveys for civil construction, commercial builders, landscapers, engineers and more

Our iPEK:ROVION® crawler cameras are used for large scale drain surveys and ”build over” pipe inspections.

These self propelled CCTV crawler cameras are capable of surveying drains / pipes from 100mm and up to 2mts in diameter. Quality equipment, operated by WSAA qualified operators makes surveying and reporting on both new and existing drainage systems a breeze.

Using this state of the art tractor camera technology, we regularly carry out large scale cctv pipe inspections / drain surveys, complete with accurate & in depth reports using Wincan V8 software.

We always follow the ‘Australian Specification Standards’ when surveying pipes. Covering all aspects legally required when producing a CCTV survey of new civil drainage (for both on and off maintenance). As well as for those wishing to build over sewers and/or stormwater drains (Pre and Post Construction pipeline inspections)


  • Surveys of Existing Pipelines for Pre and Post Construction
  • CCTV Pipe Inspection of Sewer
  • CCTV Stormwater Pipe Inspection
  • Electrical Conduit Surveys
  • And more…


CCTV Pipeline Inspections: 

With the ROVION® we can carry out cctv pipe inspection for drain surveys in drains of various dimensions and as far as 300mts from a single entry.

The endless rotation of the camera head combined with incredible zoom capabilities and powerful lighting, produces crisp video footage & still images.  We capture high quality footage within the pipelines, which ensures nothing is missed and coding is accurate. You can confidently submit our reports to the relevant parties for the work to be approved.

cctv pipe surveys dRAINS kLEEN
Images from cctv pipe inspection/ Drain Survey by dRAINS kLEEN

Build Over Infrastructure: Certification for Council:

dRAINS kLEEN offers drain surveys for B.O.S (Build Over Sewer and Build Over Stormwater) applications. In depth reporting in the WinCanV8 format as requested by councils.

When constructions and renovations are to be done upon or adjacent to the foundations above existing drainage systems it is the obligation of the owner to have the pipes inspected, you will need to fill out a build over infrastructure form. (Each council will have their own form, check with them, to ensure you are using the correct one). Then book a professional to carry out the cctv pipe inspection.

Build over drain surveys are far more common now, as infrastructure changes and residential land is subdivided.

It is a council requirement to have these cctv pipe inspections completed, both before & after the works have been carried out. This Ensures the structural integrity of the pipes was not compromised during construction.


Pricing for Drain Surveys 

Our pricing is very competitive within the industry. We are more than happy to discuss this with you prior to you booking a job. As every job is unique we like to work with you, discussing your individual needs & desired outcome for a particular job.

Save money when you book dRAINS kLEEN for your CCTV pipe inspection. Because we offer a COMPLETE DRAIN SERVICE. Not only can we inspect your drains, but if required, we can clean and repair them as well.. NOW there is no need to call in various companies to complete a single job.

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