Stormwater Drain Unblocked!

Stormwater drain unblocked – Unbelievable, mass tree root extraction!

stormwater drain unblocked
dRAINS kLEEN successfully removed mass tree roots from Noosa Stormwater drains

dRAINS kLEEN came to the rescue again!! Noosa Stormwater drain unblocked- Saving a $100,000.00+ drain excavation and replacement.

The blocked stormwater drains had been causing grief in Noosa so dRAINS kLEEN were called in to see if we could rectify the drainage problems. Experience, combined with the the right equipment and you get a job well done!

It was a truely amazing effort and a fantastic result, everybody could not be happier with the outcome and it was a real eye opener. Never have we removed so much plant growth from the one drainage network before.

We used root cutting heads and jett heads on the hydro jett pressure drain jetting trailer, cctv drain inspection cameras, machines and man power.

Within a couple of days we had the drains unblocked, and a mountain of tree roots to show for it.

unblocked Blocked Stormwater drain
Tree root mass extracted from blocked stormwater drains

Now the drains have been completely cleaned of tree roots and garden matter it is time to time to look at patch relining.

You can see the sheer extent of the huge drain cleaning feat in the photos and video footage below

drain unblocked, tree roots removed to clear drain
Root cutting head used to shear off massive roots from drain wall
Root Cutter to unblock drain
Circular Root Cutting head for high pressure drain jetting trailer used to unblock drain
CCTV drain inspection camera, blocked drain
CCTV drain inspection camera could help us see exactly where the roots were entering the drain.
roots pulled from stormwater
Lengthy tree roots from drain unblocked in Noosa
tree roots from blocked drain
Metres upon metres of roots extracted from stormwater drain unblocked by dRAINS kLEEN
drain cleaning sunshine coast, tree roots blocked stormwater drains
Massive tree roots had penetrated drain walls, dRAINS kLEEN cut them out with high pressure drain cleaning trailer
stromwater drain over run with tree roots
Stormwater drain blocked full of tree roots

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