Commercial Drain Services

Industrial / Commercial Drain Services Queensland

Industrial / Commercial Drain Services are a large part of dRAINS kLEEN’s current business operations. We are often called upon to jett clean, reline and carry out cctv drain inspections for a number of councils, water and electrical services, engineers, builders and plumbers etc. both in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and various destinations in Queensland.


Commercial Drain Services
dRAINS kLEEN use a high powered US Jetter for commercial drain services

Our Commercial Drain Services Include:

  • Cleaning & clearing storm water drains and waste pipes
  • CCTV conduit surveys with WinCanV8 reporting
  • Electronic pipe location
  • Trench-less pipe repair (No dig, re-line)


Commercial Drain Cleaning / Blocked Commercial Drains

Robotic CCTV drain camera survey
CCTV Pipe Survey using a Robotic CCTV drain camera found a large amount of build up within this drain.

We use a US Jetter (drain cleaning trailer), which is a high performance water jetting machine designed to clean pipes from 150mm to 1m, as well as boxed culverts. Jetting at close to 100L/minute the incredible power of the high speed water, effectively scours the pipe walls, removing grease, sludge and scale.

Depending on the type of blockage, we use a range of rotary nozzles each with specific applications and each best suited to differing situations, which we attach to the jetting hose and use for cutting roots and clearing debris and removing just about anything from the drains, leaving pipe lines not just open, but clean.

We can clean 150m of pipe from a single entry and the 1135lt water tank allows us to jett for longer before refill.

***For LARGER and more complicated jobs we can also have a recycler / vac combo unit on hand.***


CCTV Conduit Surveys of Commercial Drains with WinCanV8 reporting

Commercial Drain Services - cctv drain surveys
CCTV drain inspection camera for large scale drain surveys

The iPEK:ROVION® crawler camera system used to survey and report on both new and existing commercial / industrial drainage systems, contributes to large part of the commercial drain services we offer. With this drain inspection equipment we can survey drains/pipes up to 2mts+ in diameter and up to 200mts from a single entry point.

Reporting is done on WinCan V8, on which we follow ‘Australian Specification Standards’ and cover all aspects legally required. Reports are turned around swiftly and presented for submission to the appropriate body for approval.

We capture crisp video footage & still images, when surveying drainage lines, ensuring our reports are comprehensive and coding is accurate.

Electronic Pipe Location

If required we are capable of locating the sonde in our camera head and tracing where the drains are running


Trench-less Pipe Patch Repair (No dig, Re-line)

commercial drain services - drain location
Electronic pipe location
CCTV cameras combined with electronic location allows dRAINS kLEEN to pin point the exact area under which the drain has been compromised.

For broken pipes up to 400mm, rather than having to do costly excavations and ruining the foundations of the structure above, we regularly fix  the damaged pipes by using a proven method

of patch pipe-relining to eliminate the problem. The industry leading pipe lining technology we choose to use, relines the walls of your pipe with a resin, which essentially forms a new pipe within the existing broken pipe.

Upon completion the resin will have filled all of the joins & cracks, re-enforcing the area around the once damaged area, completely sealing the break and leaving the drain with a smooth, strong, watertight interior lining, to last for at least the next 50+ years.

N.B:  We do not do inversion relining



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