Pipe Relining – 1 House : 3 Patch Relines

Trenchless 'No-Dig' Pipe Relining

 Trenchless ‘No Dig’ Pipe Relining

dRAINS kLEEN has adopted this relatively new drain repair technology, lines the inside of the broken pipe, essentially creating a new pipe within the damaged pipe.
Over the past couple of years, these Trench-less ‘NO-DIG’ pipe relining patches, have allowed us to save our customers time and money by offering long term solutions and completely repairing their damaged drains from the inside.
So fixing broken/cracked/displaced drains, without the headache of having to dig/cut/disturb the foundations is a breeze. Each reline patch covers the break and re-enforces the pipe either side of the damaged area.
Patch pipe relining is perfect for most pipes, repairing drains within or under house slabs, driveways, pools, manicured gardens, shopping centres, roads, footpaths and more and we can reline pipes/drains up to 600mm in diameter.
Pipe relining and CCTV drain cameras go hand in hand; we use CCTV cameras throughout the whole process, ensuring the patch has adhered to the drain pipe wall and completely rectified the problem.

The video below is an example of exactly why anyone would need to use this awesome drain repair technology.

The owners of a new home in Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast, had been experiencing problems with their drainage. dRAINS kLEEN called to carry out a CCTV drain inspection and diagnose what had been causing the issues. During the inspection, we found three separate breaks, that had been there since construction. (This is not uncommon, with machinery moving around on job sites, accidents happen).
Unfortunately, each break was under the house slab and unable to be easily dug up. Luckily, Trenchless ‘No Dig’ Pipe Relining is available.
We presented the owners with the limited options available to them for repairing the drains and discussed what would be involved.
It was decided that relining was by far the easiest and cheapest option.
The repairs were quickly completed using Trenchless ‘No Dig’ Pipe Relining and the outcome was perfect for all involved.