Is Plumbing a Nasty Job

Some would say being a plumber is a ‘Nasty job’….

Boy oh boy, it sure can be…? Literally! Our plumbers have been showered in it, shovelled it, waded through it and then cleared it all away and we still don’t consider Plumbing a Nasty job.

Cleaning blocked sewers is NOT for the faint hearted and definitely NOT for everyone. Yet our plumbers carry on doing the job of saints, returning to work each day with a smile on their face and the will to do it all again.

The dRAINS kLEEN team don’t think Plumbing is a shitty job

Helping our customers with their blocked drains is just what they do, and they do it with pride. Naturally some jobs are nastier than others and as you might imagine, on occasion have had them second guessing their career choice as a plumber.


However, while unblocking the most disgusting drains can make one’s stomach turn, it can also deliver an odd satisfaction.

But just because our plumbers find unblocking drains weirdly satisfying… You can call them crazy, but don’t judge ?, after all, somebody must do it. So it’s lucky at dRAINS kLEEN we don’t think Plumbing is a Nasty job.

Blocked Sewer dRAINS, Kitchen, bathroom and Laundry dRAINS, Stormwater dRAINS.. We are the ‘ONLY plumbers to call…We do it all’. Over the years, we’ve seen and done it all. Blocked drains have been at the heart of our business since day one, so we know what we are doing, and do it well.

Our plumbers receive so many wonderful positive reviews, so we know our team do a great job. Our customers know it too and readily share their appreciation with us by shouting praises to our fantastic team of plumbers, because Nobody knows drains like dRAINS kLEEN!

Below is just one of the great reviews, we have received recently.


Hi dk,

Josh came over on Saturday to clear fig tree roots in our residential plumbing.

Josh was friendly, professional and handled the very challenging situation incredibly well! I think it’s important for you to know his work ethic and attitude was outstanding where others would have crumbled.

Good on you guys for employing quality staff. I’ll be sure to spread positive word of mouth about your business.



When you’ve got a blocked drain ‘Who ya gonna call?…. dRAINS kLEEN. Rely on our plumbers to do your Nasty ? job