How To Change A Tap Washer

dripping tap, change your tap waher

Stop the drip: How to change a tap washer in 10 easy steps

A dripping tap can lose up to 2L / hour, 48L / day, 336L / week, water is far too precious to waste so follow the


tips below or call a licenced plumber to properly service all of your household taps.

dripping tap, change your tap waher

Step 1:

Make sure you have a new tap washer (one that is the correct size for the tap you are fixing) ,


a shifter, a multi grip tool and some silicone.


Step 2:

Turn off the water at the mains, release water from the pipes at the nearest garden tap


and then at the tap you are changing


Step 3:

Remove the handles and the flange (use the multi grips, if it is a bit tight) scrape away old silicone.


Step 4:

Unscrew the spindle, replace the body washer if it is worn


Step 5:

The brass seat that the tap washer sits on needs to be re-seated back to brand new, a good plumber


would carry a re-seating tool with them and do this if they were changing the washers or you can purchase


a cheap one from the hardware shop (but they may not work as effectively)


Step 6:

Remove the old tap washer and replace it.


Step 7:

Screw the spindle back on make sure the tap off.


Step 8:

Turn on the mains outside and return to the tap you were just working on to check for leaks.


Step 9:

Once you are happy there are no leaks, it is a good idea to re-seal around the spindle with some more silicone,


especially if the tap is in the shower, preventing water damage inside the wall.


Step 10:

Assemble the tap as it was, flange, handle and tighten button with a spanner


Step 11:

Mission accomplished, now check your other taps


For safety: If your hot water is in the ceiling, call a licenced plumber