Damaged Drains

damaged drain review

No-Dig pipe relining is a fantastic solution for repairing broken, cracked and damaged drains, in fact we SWEAR by it. However, we are also the first to say if it is not suitable for your particular situation.

Whilst we do encounter many broken drains in desperate need of repair, we will NEVER suggest relining damaged drains if we believe it is unnecessary. We will always offer the most cost effective and time efficient solution, considering the long term health of your damaged drain / sewer system.

dRAINS kLEEN’s drainage experts are well educated when it comes to what is best for your damaged drains and we will always offer the solution that is RIGHT for you.

On all accounts, we want you to avoid spending money, that you do not have to; So doing the job right the first time, as well as discussing / explaining your options for repairing your damaged drains to you, means we can offer a great service at the right price, and you can make an educated decision about how you would like us to proceed to repair your drains.

Sometimes, doing a dig up will be the best solution for your damaged drain or a simple clean and regular maintenance might do the trick, or you may well decide relining is the way to go, no matter what you decide, you can rest assured, you have chosen the best team to do the job!

Below you will see a review of our service, from our GOOGLE+ page So you can see what just one of our happy customers, has to say.