Civil Drain Cleaning

Commercial drain cleaning

Why our civil drain cleaning trailer is a necessity

When surveying drains we are often asked to have our commercial drain cleaning trailer with us. If we come across any obstructions, we can easily clear them and continue with the survey. Rather than having to pack up and return at a later date.

When I think back on the large scale commercial jobs dRAINS kLEEN has completed, one job in particular springs to mind as being the most memorable.

Civil drain cleaning and pipe inspection

dRAINS kLEEN on the job surveying and cleaning drains

A few years ago we were asked to survey 200mts of sewer main at a new construction site. However as we commenced the survey soon found every manhole (1 through 10) was full of rubble. It needed to be jett cleaned with our commercial drain cleaning trailer before we could survey it.

It had not been requested that we bring our commercial jetter prior to us commencing the job, so we had no choice but to abandon the cctv drain survey and it became a costly exercise for everyone involved.

When we returned we used our hydro jett commercial drain cleaning trailer, to blast the rubble through the pipes to the manholes from which it then had to be scooped up by hand, due to the shape of the pipes.

All of the hours we put in using our civil drain cleaning trailer, not to mention the man power, could well have been avoided, if the tradies laying the pipes had only bothered to cap off the man holes, so the rubble would not have fallen and the rain would not have washed it through the whole drain system.

Civil drain cleaning is a large part of what we do and I am certainly happy to have the work. Some of our work has probably evolved from situations which could have been avoided if more care was taken and some random acts of nature.

Luckily, I have a great passion for what I do, you could say it’s my therapy. There are not many of us around, that would find joy in this kind of work, but I think that is what separates us from the rest. Because we love what we do, we do it right the first time. Combining that with our honesty and competitive pricing is what keeps our clients calling on our commercial drain cleaning services again and again.