Blocked Stormwater Drain During Storm Season

Blocked downpipe Buderim

Blocked Stormwater drain:

The last thing you want during the WET!

Blocked downpipe Buderim

A blocked downpipe or blocked stormwater drain can be a nightmare during the wet season.

The rain has finally come and once again, it not only, rained it ripped through tornado style, the rain poured from our sky for days and home owners came to realise the problems associated with not maintaining their drains. However, there were a lucky few who did book me in prior to the storms and they are reaping the benefits, thanking their lucky stars it had not been their home that were flooding because of a blocked stormwater drain.

I worked in the rain all day on Friday, for those who decided to get their stormwater checked and cleaned at the last minute, making sure they weren’t caught in the rain. Today, I am here to help those who left it too late, the ones who had not given their drains a second thought prior to the arrival of the storms. I only wish I didn’t have to witness the distress on their faces, the despair caused by having their homes damaged, some old (heritage listed), some new.

Sometimes there is simply nothing that one could do, to prevent water/flood damage to their home, random acts of nature will wreak havoc and we must accept that.

When signs of a blocked stormwater drain are dismissed, the rain comes, the drain cannot handle the excess water and belongings are destroyed and it saddens me to know it didn’t have to be this way, if only they had taken notice when their drains were slow to seep away. I am first to admit that the average house stormwater drain can not handle massive amounts of rain within a short period, which we seam to experience more often these days, but at least a clear flowing drain is better than a partially blocked or blocked drain.

I truly hope this is a lesson for all of the home owners out there, please have your drains inspected and/or cleaned by a reputable drain specialist before the next rain, you will know exactly what lies beneath and feel secure in the knowledge that you have done everything in your power to protect your home, YOUR CASTLE.