Blocked pipes – dRAINS kLEEN saving customers thousands

conduit cleaning

Call dRAINS kLEEN to attend to your blocked pipes

dRAINS kLEEN has the all right cleaning & cutting drainage equipment, specifically designed to clean stubborn matter from your blocked pipes, drains and electrical conduit

Not only do we have the right equipment to get the job done; We also have the ‘know how’ and the experience to follow it through to completion.

‘If dRAINS kLEEN can’t fix it, NO ONE can’

On numerous occasions we have saved our customers thousands of dollars on time-wasting excavations. A particular job, that comes to mind; Recently we came to the aid of an electrical company, who was in quite a predicament with blocked electrical conduit. Adding to the challenge, it was 2 stories, in the pool, of a luxury inner city apartment building.

The conduit installed for pool lighting, had accidentally been blocked with resin during the final stages of a renovation.

Being the only company in Queensland with the right equipment, we were called upon in their time of need.

dRAINS kLEEN successfully, we cleared the blocked electrical conduit with our specialised milling equipment. The pool was able to be filled and opened on schedule, because our highest priority was ensuring the job was completed in minimal time, with minimal delay.

Had it not been for us, the only other option was not a favourable one. The contractor would have found themselves cutting into the pool floor and relaying the conduit, before reinstating the pool tiles (hoping they didn’t have the same problem a second time); all while delaying the completion of the project and losing their retainers.

If you have a difficult drainage job, don’t waste your time and money experimenting with other methods.