I need a plumber, I’ve got a blocked drain!

plumber specialising in blocked drains

Got a blocked drain?… How do I unblock it?

Who do I call?…. Do I need a plumber?

Calm down…. We are here to help!
You might search “I’ve got a blocked drain, I need a plumber” on Google or ask your neighbour, friend, colleague or relative if they know a good plumber?
When you look for local plumber on the internet, through your chosen search engine, local directory or yellow pages, there are so, so many options, and many of them are probably very good at what they do! However, do they specialise in blocked drains? and have they got right gear for the job?

It does not matter where you find your tradesman/plumber of choice, or which method you choose for accessing these services. Whether it be on your smartphone, tablet, home computer or the old faithful phone book. I am here to tell you, so long as you are getting value for money and the job is done right, the first time.

How do you know you’ve got the right team for the job? Well..Don’t just call the first plumber you come across.

Make sure they know what they are talking about and are able to explain to you what is going on. Ensure they will be using high pressure drain jetting equipment and NOT electric eels and that they will be inspecting your drain with CCTV drain inspection cameras and can provide you with footage/photos, if you are not in attendance. Also check there are NO hidden costs.

Without trying to scare you, we can honestly say we have often been called to rectify existing drain problems which have already been attended to by a plumber, who did not specialise in blocked drains. They did not had access to all of the necessary equipment, therefore the same problems returned within the drain again, within a very short time.

So please…don’t just call your local plumber, call the plumbers at dRAINS kLEEN. Our plumbers have all of the latest blocked drain cleaning and drain inspection technology, as well as the experience and expertise for a fast and effective drain blockage removal. Blocked Sewer, storm water, kitchen bathroom, laundry downpipes and more, our licensed plumbers can clean, clear and inspect them all, as well as providing solutions to look after your drains for the long term.
For long lasting solutions, to your blocked drain problems, callthe plumbers at dRAINS kLEEN