Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain causing you PROBLEMS?

 Domestic or Commercial Blocked Drains:

Rely on dRAINS kLEEN!

Rest assured, with the years of blocked drain experience, we will unblock your drain in no time!

At dRAINS kLEEN we pride ourselves on having a great knowledge of industry standards. As well as, an understanding of how your drainage system should work.

Not only that, but.. we ARE honest and reliable (we turn up, when we say we will).

Equipped with high pressure jetting machines, CCTV drain cameras and electronic locators. We will unblock your blocked drain and suggest how best to prevent them from blocking again in the future.

Keeping you informed, discussing what has caused the blockage and what you may need to consider in the future. Is just part of the great drain service we offer.

$AVE money, when the job is ‘done right’ the first time!

Before / after blocked drain cleaning has been done by dRAINS kLEEN

For all commercial and domestic blocked drains! dRAINS kLEEN are the only plumbers you need to call.

  • Sewer drain blockage
  • Stormwater drain blockage
  • Toilets Blocked
  • Blocked Plumbing fixtures

Laundry / kitchen / bathroom, inside and outside your home / business / commercial property. We can clean them all!

Blocked Drain: Sewer 

How do I know if my sewer is blocked? You ask..
Tree roots in blocked drain
The tree roots in this blocked drain were no match for our drain cleaning equipment.

Heard a gurgling sound from your toilet / plumbing fixtures during or after they have just been used? This is a clear indication you have a partial sewer blockage, which is highly likely to become a completely blocked sewer if it is ignored.

It becomes obvious you have a definite blocked drain within your sewage system, if sewage is overflowing externally. Most buildings have an ORG (overflow release gully, usually a black grate outside your home) which if installed correctly, should be lower than the lowest drain inside your home, this is to prevent overflows inside your home. If there is no ORG you will most likely end up with overflow rising up through in your bath, shower or floor waste drains. YUCK.

We carry specialised diagnostic equipment to view & locate problems within your sewer. We will clear & clean your sewer with high pressure jetting technology, ensuring the blockage is completely removed & your pipes are stripped of all debris.

While clearing your blocked drain, if we find anything that might pose a problem in the future, we will offer solutions and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome to prevent future blockages in your sewer.


Blocked Drain: Stormwater

stormwater blocked drain
A blocked storm water drain is the LAST thing you want when it is raining.

Most people don’t realise, they have a problem or blockage in their stormwater drain until it rains. Once the rain comes, if your stormwater drains can’t handle the run off, it’s usually too late.

Do you or your immediate neighbours have a trees or palms growing close to your home/ drains? Those pesky roots often make their way into the nearby drains.

Have your stormwater drains regularly checked. It’ll give you piece of mind that your home / business will not be at risk of flooding because of a simple blocked.

If you do have a blockage, a high pressure hydro jetters will completely remove any blockage & build up from within the blocked drain and you can relax knowing you have done everything you can to prepare your drains for the storms / wet season.



Blocked toilet:

blocked toilet drain
Blocked toilet? We will unblock it!

If you have a blocked toilet, you are sure to notice one or more tell tale signs before it really backs up.

Gurgling sounds, water flowing away too slowly when flushing, toilet bowl filling and not flowing away at all?

A blocked toilet might be ‘just that’. Or perhaps you have a blockage in your main sewer.

Maybe a simple plunge of the toilet ‘will do’. BUT if that fails, out come the ‘big guns’ A high pressure drain jetter, will usualy do the trick. Once it’s clear & flowing, a CCTV inspection will be carried out to ensure the job is done properly.

Squashed pipes, broken drains – allowing tree roots and foreign matter to enter, thus preventing waste from passing through and causing a blockage.

Perhaps… someone may have flushed something they shouldn’t. Whatever the cause for your blocked drain. These are ALL blockages we face on a daily basis.

Finding out what has caused the blockage is essential, (especially if it is not the first time you have had a blocked toilet).

Pin pointing the exact location of the issue. Discussing the remedy and providing a quote (if necessary) is the ‘dRAINS kLEEN way’


Blocked Plumbing Fixture:

Blocked sinks can be seriously annoying, smelly and down right dirty.

Luckily dRAINS kLEEN has all the right equipment to quickly & easily deal with your blocked drain, so you can get on with your day.

Kitchen sinks often block up due to build up of food scraps, grime and fat. Not only can we clean & clear the drains. We can use a grease removal product to help reduce fat / grease build up, preventing blocked drains in the future.

It is not uncommon for bathroom drains to block up with hair, soap scum and grime, and for those of you who like to have a tinkle in the shower, urine can calcify on the pipe walls. We regularly do full bathroom drain services to completely clean away the build up within the drains & remove those nasty smells, this includes jetting the shower, bath, basin & floor waste drains & following up by inspecting them with a CCTV camera to ensure there is nothing suspicious that might cause you problems in the future.



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