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CCTV Drain Inspection Brisbane

cctv drain inspection Brisbane

CCTV Drain Inspection Brisbane and beyond: Residential & Commercial If  you require a pipe survey or CCTV drain inspection Brisbane or beyond, call on dRAINS kLEEN. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we have the expertise and right equipment to complete the job at hand. We have one of the smallest drain cameras in SE Queensland allowing…

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Civil Drain Cleaning

Commercial drain cleaning

Why our civil drain cleaning trailer is a necessity When surveying drains we are often asked to have our commercial drain cleaning trailer with us. If we come across any obstructions, we can easily clear them and continue with the survey. Rather than having to pack up and return at a later date. When I think back on the large scale commercial jobs dRAINS kLEEN has…

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CCTV Pipeline Inspection

CCTV Survey of Sewer and Stormwater Drains Recently, I was called carry out a CCTV pipeline inspection (survey) of the sewer and stormwater at a construction site. I had re-arranged a few other less urgent jobs, to get there that day, because as usual, the builders had requested it be done ‘as soon as possible’ so they could send…

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CCTV Pipe Inspection During Renovations

Renovating? Ensure you get an accurate CCTV pipe inspection. Recently, I solved the drainage problems of a family who would have literally been in the S@!*, had the situation been left any longer. Unbeknownst to them, the CCTV pipe inspection during renovations, had gone slightly pear shaped, leaving a considerable section of their drainage useless. With the renovation completed, they moved back into…

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Blocked Stormwater Drain During Storm Season

Blocked downpipe Buderim

Blocked Stormwater drain: The last thing you want during the WET! The rain has finally come and once again, it not only, rained it ripped through tornado style, the rain poured from our sky for days and home owners came to realise the problems associated with not maintaining their drains. However, there were a lucky few who did book…

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How To Change A Tap Washer

dripping tap, change your tap waher

Stop the drip: How to change a tap washer in 10 easy steps A dripping tap can lose up to 2L / hour, 48L / day, 336L / week, water is far too precious to waste so follow the   tips below or call a licenced plumber to properly service all of your household taps. Step 1: Make sure…

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How Tree Roots Enter Your Drains

Tree roots in drain

Wondering.. How tree roots enter your drains and cause a blockage? After years of being underground, any pipe can succumb to the pressure of ground movement. Old earthenware drainage pipes often crack, break or the rubbers may perish. PVC can be squashed, distorted, cracked and broken. Tree roots have even been known to create so much [pressure on the  pipe walls…

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How To Unblock Your Drains

Home Remedies to Unblock Your Drains Have you ever tried to unblock your drains yourself? Clients have often told me that they have been experiencing smells coming from their drains for a while, they have tried countless home remedies (Bi- carb and vinegar or even a store bought product), to no avail. They say it stopped the smell for a…

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