Robotic Pipe Cutting

When Pipe Cutting, is the Only Solution 

‘Forget the rest’ and ‘Call the BEST’

dRAINS kLEEN is Armed with the latest pipe cutting and extraction equipment to rectify and repair your drainage problems.

If you have a drain blocked with concrete, or a star picket has punctured your pipe … You needn’t worry.

When barnacles line your pipework or your drains are squashed and your pipes are displaced… We have the cutting solution.

At dRAINS kLEEN we know every drain is different, and every blockage is unique.

Specialising in blocked drains, means we’ve jumped the first hurdle, by understanding what it takes to get the job done properly.

Our plumbers are knowledgeable, efficient and equipped to adapt to the job at hand. If we can’t clear it, no-one can!


For the times a high pressure drain jetter is ‘just not cutting it’ – 

       The Picote Maxi Millar or Dancutter DC superflex will.

  • Tap roots – Gone
  • Damaged / crushed pipe – Rectified
  • General obstructions – No more
  • Barnicles / Cast iron pipes – Descaled
  • Failed Relines – History
  •  Junctions – Reinstated
  • Concrete, steel, star pickets, timber pegs – Removed
  • Wedged Test Plug  – Extracted

Time invested researching and expanding our knowledge in relation to blocked drains, means we understand how best to meet your drainage needs.

dRAINS kLEEN couples extensive experience with the perfect equipment for every drainage situation. This allows us to rectify even the most complicated drainage issues.

Your drainage problems will be assessed using a specialised CCTV drain inspection camera.

We will then determine the best course of action to rectify your drainage issue. First by ascertaining the exact cause of the problem and pin pointing it’s specific location.

Whether we are exchanging the specific drain cleaning jett head or bringing in the cutting machines, we will always, work with you for the best solution, because, nobody knows drains like ‘dRAINS kLEEN’


Robotic pipe cutting Equipment

The pipe cutting machines are capable of similar tasks. Drain cleaning, root clearing, descaling, lateral junction reinstatement, concrete / collapsed liner removal and more. Yet, each pipe cutter has its own distinctive features and definitive uses, for cutting and removing obstructions from your drain pipes with ease.


Dancutter DC superflex

A robotic cutter, equipped with a variety of cutting / milling heads, to be exchanged specific to the situation.
Extremely flexible, and able to be directed through 45° and 90° bends (within pipes that are 75 – 150mm Dia).

The Dancutter has a Built-in color CCTV allows us to view & record the entire cutting process, whilst the the Powerful (1500rpm) cutter makes the cutting process a breeze.


Picote Maxi Miller

A dynamic, multi-functional cutting machine which we use in 100 – 250mm pipes. An assortment of attachments allows us to complete the task at hand, including lateral cutting and pipe rehabilitation.