CCTV Drain Inspection

Experts in CCTV Drain Inspection:

Domestic and Civil Inspections

for drains of all sizes!

cctv pipe inspection
Darren inspecting a drain with CCTV pipe inspection camera

Another area of plumbing dRAINS kLEEN specialises in, includes the use of CCTV drain inspection cameras. We combine the cctv inspection when unblocking drains, so we can easily diagnose problems, inspect for damage to pipe interior, tree root intrusion and more.

Depending on the specific requirements of each inspection job, we will use one or more of our various sized push cctv drain cameras or robotic cctv drain cameras.  Each one designed with a different purpose when inspecting drains, in and around your home, business or for pre and post construction cctv drain inspection / survey.




  • CCTV Sewer inspection                                        
  • Storm water drain inspection
  • Industrial drain surveys
  • Pool drain inspection
  • Bathroom / Kitchen / Laundry drain inspection

CCTV Drain Inspection for Household Plumbing:

Ridgid Mini cctv drain inspection camera
Mini CCTV drain inspection camera.

We regularly carry out CCTV plumbing inspections, within household drains, stormwater drainage and sewers pipes with our range of RIDGID SeeSnake CCTV drain inspection cameras. This inspection technology allows us to find blockages, locate damage and diagnose problems within the drainage system, prior to offering long term solutions to fix your drains.

Our large range of cameras, for CCTV drain inspection ensures we can inspect all drains- from your kitchen sink or pool piping (from 1” in diameter) with the RIDGID Mini SeeSnake.

Civil CCTV Drain Inspection:

cctv drain inspection
We use a Rovion CCTV drain inspection crawler camera, for pipe surveys

Large commercial / industrial drains up to 2m, generally require inspection with the iPEK:ROVION® crawler camera system, so we can thoroughly inspect the interior of the pipe from every angle and create reports for submission to council or engineers.

So, we’ve got you covered when it comes to cctv drain inspection and surveys!

For more information call 0424 198 467 or have a look at our CCTV Pipe Survey page


Your Complete Drain Service:

Should we come across a blockage during our inspection, we can clear it too!

We can have our high pressure water jetters on hand, to blast away the blockage. Allowing us to progress with the inspection without huge delays. So we can continue locate the root of your drainage problems and deliver prompt results.

If we come across any issues, that we believe may cause you grief now or in the future, we will discuss with you what we believe to be the best and most cost effective solution for your unique drain situation.

We have set pricing with no hidden costs, contact us today and we would be more than happy to talk through these with you.

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